Customer Dispute Resolution Program

With our Customer Dispute Resolution Program:

  • We initiate professional contact with the other party.
  • We set realistic goals, including time frames, with the parties for resolving the dispute.
  • We conduct an investigation into the facts in dispute.
  • We build rapport with both parties.
  • We find common areas of possible solutions.
  • We help the parties reach an acceptable resolution, saving you time and money.

At Common Sense Resolutions, we will improve your business’ customer service because we believe that great customer service is the cornerstone of every successful business.  We also believe that any customer dispute can be handled professionally, fairly, and at a reasonable fee.  By handling disputes this way, we will enhance your business image and reputation.

Our Customer Dispute Resolution Program gives you an opportunity to work with an independent third party, a mini-mediator.  Our service leads to significant time savings and a reduction of transaction costs (including legal fees).  Your business will be empowered to achieve settlements that are mutually beneficial, sensible, fair, and confidential.

Our Customer Dispute Resolution Program offers your business the benefits of:

  • Simplicity and ease of use
  • Great investigating
  • Constant and consistent communication
  • “Win – Win” negotiating
  • Reduction of transactional costs
  • Company image, reputation, and goodwill enhancement
  • Customer loyalty improvement
  • Avoidance of most litigation, especially small and superficial claims
  • Avoidance of harmful publicity

We eliminate the stress associated with any business dispute.  You’ve got better things to do than worry about past customer disputes.  Instead, by us providing this valuable service to your business, you can spend more time focusing on new sales customers.