Common Sense Resolutions provides affordable, professional, and “common sense” resolution services. We offer Mediation services and a Customer Dispute Resolution Program service.

We believe that any dispute, any case, any lawsuit, any problem can be resolved with the right mediator. The right mediator is Randy Hunziker, who devotes his full-time to mediation and dispute resolution services.

Randy is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator, and his experience includes more than 1,000 mediated cases. In addition, Randy has helped many small businesses and individuals resolve their disputes prior to litigation using the Customer Dispute Resolution Program.

As a claims executive for automobile and homeowners’ insurance companies for more than 14 years, Randy knows first-hand how insurance companies work at mediations. And as a civil litigation attorney, both as an insurance defense attorney and personal injury attorney, Randy has represented injured individuals, insurance companies, and insurance claims with business owners. As a result, Randy can “see” both sides at a mediation, which allows better communication during the mediation process and quicker settlements.

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Randy is available to mediate anywhere in Florida.

For more information about Common Sense Resolutions, the mediation process, the Customer Dispute Resolution Program, or to schedule mediation, please contact Randy at 407-697-7877.